Find the right solar charge controller for your solar panel setup

Match the PV setup with a compatible charge controller with this visual calculator. Enter the number of solar panels, its specifications and kind of wiring, and find the minimum specifications of the MPPT or PWM charge controller.

200 W
200 W
  • Serial
  • Parallel
  • Mix
N/A Amp
A 25% margin is added
A 15% margin is added


This calculator is indicative only, and the owner of this website can not be held responsible for any potential miscalculations. Before doing any solar installations, do extra calculations or consult your solar equipment provider in order to get compatible equipment.
  • Key Specs

    Number of panels N/A panels
    Output Load Voltage N/A V
    Max Solar Watts N/A W
    Charge Controller requirements:
    Min. Amp N/A A
    Min. Voltage N/A V
    See how the numbers are calculated

    Min. curr. rating

    Serial wiring:
    (PV Watt / Battery Voltage) x 1.25

    Parallel wiring:
    ((PV Watt / Battery Voltage) x 1.25) x Nº panels

    Mixed wiring:
    (PV Watt / Battery Voltage) x 1.25) x Nº parallel string series

    Min. voltage rating

    Serial wiring:
    (Voc x 1.15) x Nº panels

    Parallel wiring:
    Voc x 1.15

    Mixed wiring:
    (Vox x 1.15) x Nº panels in string
    All numbers are rounded up.
    Output Load Voltage = Battery voltage rating
    Max Solar Watts = PV watt x Nº panels
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